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Cafe Vienna @ KLCC

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Cafe Vienna opened its second outlet on Saturday at KLCC!! Yayy I don't have to go so far for my Chocolate Lava Cake anymore. Woohoo!! Like Lot 10 is very far. Lol!! It's great that there's yet another alternative place to eat in KLCC. Review for Choc Lava Cake here.

The decor is pretty much the same as their outlet at Lot 10
Keeping to the classic Austrian style cafe

Look Up!
The ceiling is a lil different here, instead of mirrors it has flying cupids/angels painted on it.. I likey!

I decided to go there for tea today. I ordered the Vienesse Iced Coffee which is one of my all time faves and a piece of cake, Opera.

I was disappointed with the Opera though. It was rather dry and lack the fine smooth taste like the Opera I had at Mandarin Oriental *droolzz~*. Then again, why am I comparing to the one at MO. Read my review for Opera at MO here.

Still, I'm excited that it's finally opened! You might bump into me there. :)

3rd Floor, KLCC
Isetan Side, TGV Floor

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  1. It's opened ? so fast ! Last week when I passed by there , it's still under renovation ! Their mille crepe seems nice !

  2. where in klcc? lazy to look for it. hehe

  3. Hi dear,
    while blogwalking, stumbled upon ur blog..
    i love cats and dessers too!
    love ur blog..


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