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Valentine's with The Body Shop

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First of all let me wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and May the Rabbit Year bring Prosperity, Good Health & Good Wealth! :)

It's also 10 more days to Valentine's!! It's the perfect time to get the special someone a lil something with all the ang pow money *winks*. If you're not sure of what to get, check out these great offers from The Body Shop.

From the latest Dreams Unlimited range, there's 2 gift sets to suit different budgets: Dreams Unlimited Duo Box contains Eau de Parfum & Shower Gel so you can lather up together and the Trio Box containing EDP, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. Dreams Unlimited encourages your loved-one to live their dreams with an enchanting fusion of uplifting orange oil, notes of fruity blackcurrant, crisp green chilli, soft iris and vibrant cedarwood.

Or express your love with Love Etc... fragrance, a sophisticated fusion of jasmine with delicious notes of mouth-watering vanilla, seductive sandalwood and sensuous musk. There's a cute addition to the range this Valentine's, a Solid Perfume in a heart-shaped tin. The gifts sets: Duo Gift Box with EDP & Shower Gel for RM129 or Trio containing EDP, Shower Gel and Body Lotion RM215.

If your babe is into fruity scents, try the Strawberry Hearts. Strawberries are considered a powerful aphrodisiac and you can enjoy those sensual benefits on Valentine's Day. Presented in a box with a heart-shaped theme, discover Strawberry Shower Gel, Body Butter, Soap, Body Polish and Bath Lily.

And for the Guys... give your partner the oppurtunity to take care of his skin this Valentine's Day by treating him to Men Maca Root products. First used by the Incas over 2000 years ago, maca root is believed to promote energy and endurance, while it's also famed as a stamina-boosting "libido lifter" enhancing sexual vitality, desire and performance. The gift box contains Face Wash, Face Protector and Eye Serum to help him feel his best for a hot date with you!

If your guy is the modern type then try White Musk for Men. Biologists believe that long ago the sent of musk was the principal attraction between the sexes. This is seductive and alluring. Treat your partner to a gift of White Musk for Men Hair & Body wash and EDT gift set.

There's also White Musk for Men Sport, a fresh fragrance with invigorating notes of grapefruit and sensual amber, fused with lemon, for a clean, uplifting and distinctive fragrance. Beautifully packaged with masculine lines, treat your loved-one to a gift box containing Hair & Body Wash and EDT.

The best part is The Body Shop will have your gift of choice professionally wrapped! There will be an instore 'wrap-ologist' to embellish it perfectly just for your other half!

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