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My Strange Valentine's..

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm not going to get started on Valentine's coz I'm not one who celebrates it. In fact I've never really celebrated "V-Day". My memories of anything close to celebrating it, is when I was in school and the Good Neighbours Society took orders for roses that you could dedicate to your friends or someone you admired from afar.. lol! The reason why I don't celebrate is because I think it's a ridiculous waste of money. Prices for all things lovey-dovey just goes through the roof, I'd rather treat myself to a new bag *evil laugh*. For me, if you love someone you don't need a particular day to show it. There's 365 days in a year, show it everyday! :)

But I'm not going to put a damper on things coz I did do a few things that just so happens has something to do with Valentine's. Baskin Robbins' flavour of the month is Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - Delicious vanilla and strawberry ice creams with white, milk and dark pieces of strawberry filled chocolates swirled together with a chocolate ganache ribbon.  A wonderful combination of flavours especially for a month that's suppose to be filled with so much lurv it may overwhelm you. Okie this may not really be one of my faves but it's still rather nice. I can't help but go, "Aww, so cute!" at the sight of those cute mini strawberry shapped chocolates.

I didn't miss out on the COSMO-Lancome Valentine's Day Makeover using their latest Spring colours either. My makeover was done by Alicia at Parkson KLCC. She used the Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony Sparkling Mineral Eye Colour Quad which looked sexily intense. Check out my previous post where I tried on the Cold Harmony palette here.  Now if only I had some where to go.. *sigh*

Later I found myself having tea at Wondermilk. I didn't realise I asked for the Cuppacake with a lil heart on top til I was about to lick the chocolate icing off. Yummy & satisfying! *patting my tummie*

Menu for tea: Butterscotch Milk, Chocolate Orange & Chocolate Strawberry Cuppacakes.

Have a great evening guys! I'll be sitting in front of the tv stuffin myself with a box of chocolates while Bobby Strange Jr, my furry darr-ling naps on my lap.. :)

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