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The Body Shop Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

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The feeling of dry rough hands just annoy me to bits! It's like I have a pieces of sand paper attched to my arms. Oddly enough I do experience it quite often from being in a freezing air-cond room at the office, doing chores and washing my hands often.

Since I'm not into oily or heavily scented hand creams, I always stick to my usual few favourites that has a calming scent and ones that are rich but absorbs well. One of my faves is The Body Shop Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment. Come on, isn't it obvious.. it's the ALMOND! *think yummy MARZIPAN!*

This delicious smelling hand treatment is made from Sweet Almond Oil & Organic Soy Oil that provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the moisture barrier of the skin, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Shea Butter to moisturise and helps soften the skin. Get this, Shea Butter from Ghana, is one of nature's great moisturizers and Ghanaian women have used it for centuries to protect their skin from the dry Saharan winds.

Lets go back to the smell.. not only is it yummilicious, it's calming too! I like to use it at night before bed coz it makes me think of yummy thoughts *sweet almond pudding, almond biscuits.. sigh*. I scoop out a small amount and just smooth it over my hands and nails. The rich cream absorbs really fast and the pot lasts a while coz you don't have to use much. You can use those overnight gloves for better results but I personally don't fancy them. Even without the gloves, by the time I get up in the morning my hands feel soo soo soft and smooth! Almost baby soft. I said "almost" okie *lol*. And yes it still smells yummy! 

Best part about this hand treatment is that since it's from The Body Shop, there's no animal testing invloved. As for the Shea Butter used, it is bought from Tungteiya Shea Butter Association, Northern Ghana. An association of around 400 women from 10 villages, The Body Shop ensure a fair price for their product. Since trading with The Body Shop the women have been able to dramatically change their lives with water pipes and wells saving hours of water collecting, better housing, medical care, food, and self esteem. Importantly, they are also able to give their children, particularly their daughters, the chance to go to school.

If you have been looking for a good and reasonably priced hand cream you might want to try this one. It works for me. :)

Retails at: RM39 for 100ml

Tip: As you unscrew the cover hold the pot close to your nose to take in every bit of that gorgeous smell.. :)

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