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L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Milk Review

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L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Milk is best suited for fine hair. Well that competely rules out my 'lion's mane'. The two main ingredients are Royalactin and Passiflora Oil. Royalactin is derived from royal jelly and rich in both anti-oxidants and B-complex vitamins.

Passiflora Oil  aka Passionfruit Oil is rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous. Its high content of fatty acids and light texture is good for scalp care and encourages healthy hair growth as well as increases vitality of hair. It also nourishes hair deeply.

Royalactin is a rich substance contained in Royal Jelly, a potent anti-oxidant which  allows the queen be to live longer and keeps her beautiful throughout. In humans it is extensively used to ehance skin beauty and allows hair to grow long, healthy and strong. It also helps to moisturise hair and rejuvenate the scalp and restore damaged hair tissues.

This Mythic Oil Milk works very differently from the Rich Oil but similar to the latter, it has a lovely scent. Using it on damp hair, it detangles hair with ease making blowdrying easier. Despite protecting my hair before use of styling tools it doesn't exactly tame the frizzies.

Although the instruction says that it can besprayed on dry hair, caution to those with frizzy hair. As this is a water/milk base product it will reactivate the frizz. I tried spraying right after blowdrying in hopes to add some shine to my hair but it backfired on me. After about 2 spritz I noticed that my hair was beginning to 'poof'! Frizz galore! *shreekss! shreeks more!* As this is not an oil based product is does not intensely moisturise or sort out dry unruly hair. If you have fine hair, give this a go. It might fair better on you. I'm sticking to the Rich Oil! :) Review here. I didn't include any hair photos for this one because I'm pretty sure one photo of my frizziness in the previous post is more than enough right. :P

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil - Milk retails at RM75 for 125ml and is available at L'oreal Professionnel salons.

*Note: Product provided by L'Oreal Professionnel Malaysia.

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  1. L’Oreal Mythic Oil is my holy grail product. I use it almost every day especially when blowdrying my hair. I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place at the moment – here’s the link if anyone wants to have a look. I even use it on my I&K extensions too! x

  2. Thanks for writing this review, very helpful :) Especially great that you've posted the full list of ingredients as well! Thank you very much.


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