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Sorbet by the Sea

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Two weekends ago I went for a short getaway at the Golden Palm Tree Resort. Despite the crazy tight schedule that was prepared for me I managed to slot in an outfit shoot after breakfast on the second day. I wanted to do so much more but between extreme sports, cruising the mangroves and soaking in the sun, it was pretty much impossible.

I have been dying to wear this outfit but can't seem to find the perfect time for it. So when I was packing for my trip this outfit was the first to find itself in my bag. The pink floral shorts is from Topshop, my fave mint top also from Topshop, wedges from Vincci and to complete the look, necklace from Roxy and rings from Diva.

If you haven't already read my about my getaway and want to know what Golden Palm Tree Resort is all about click Part 1 and Part 2. :)

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