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Fabulous Finds - Getting My Hands On Malaysia's First Beauty Box

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Have you guys heard the buzz yet? The first beauty box in Malaysia called Fabulous Finds and it's only RM35 a month! Awesome right! It was launched last Saturday and I was so curious to find out whats inside the first box for July 2012.

The brainchild of Siow Hui Ling who is a beauty junkie herself, starting Fabulous Finds seems to be a natural flow. It is about discovering the best beauty products out there ranging from skincare, bodycare, nailcare, fragrances, cosmetics or haircare solutions. Each Fabulous Finds box is lovnigly packed by women from disadvantaged backgrounds and the income from the packing goes towards supplementing their income to meet financial needs.

So what exactly can you find in this luxurious box of goodies? You get 4-5 deluxe beauty samples from high-end and niche brands available to subscribers through out Malaysia. The debut box of July 2012 consists of nine deluxe sample from various brands. Refer to photo below for full list and description. Pretty good for a first one don't you think. For subsequent boxes the contents will be kept a surprise until it is shipped out. I couldn't help but notice, Fabulous Finds and I seem to share the same initials. Talk about a match made in heaven. Coolness! :P

They have two types of subscriptions - Monthly and Annual.

1) RM35 per month, recurring payment
2) Cancellable anytime with 30 day notice

1) RM420 one time payment
2) Recieve one free box i.e. 12 months + 1 free box in 13th month
3) Transferrable to another party (How cool is that?!)

There are only 180 boxes for July so get yours now at Also keep up to date with Fabulous Finds on facebook. With your support, the goodies you get in the pink boxes can only get better! *winks*

Up next: I have to admit I haven't exactly planned for next week as I have been crazy busy preparing for something massive this weekend. I will tell you guys about it just as soon as I am able to. But I will try to start next week with a bang. :)

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  1. I think I will buy the august one when it's coming.. as a birthday surprise box for myself~ LOL

  2. Thinking of starting on August too! Maybe subscribe for 3-4 months, wanted to subscribe after knowing who's behind packing the lovely boxes.

  3. Jean: Yes, treat yourself! But you got a yummy box of goodies yesterday dy. :P

    Traclyn: I know right, I think it's super sweet! Maybe they should give hints on whats in coming boxes. lol


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