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Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci with Maxime Poulin

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I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen the Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Summer Collection. How can you not, it has Pucci's signature prints all over it. I couldn't take my eyes of it when I first saw it. Unlike you meteorite fans out there, I was instantly taken by the bronzing powder-blush combination. Gorgeous I tell you!

Recently I attended a Bloggers Get Together introducing the Terra Azzurra Collection with Guerlain's International Makeup Artist Maxime Poulin. I learnt a bit more about this 200 year old luxury brand and I've also become a lot more attracted to it. Then again it could just be that sun-kissed powder that's reeling me in. *evil smile*

This is the second time the two prestigious Houses have unite. Terra Azzurra draws inspiration from Italy in the summertime and embraces it with beautiful sunny shades and vibrant bursts of colour. The motif is inspired by Pucci's iconic print, "Winter Capri", a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames. Maxime Poulin did a short demo on how to achieve Guerlain's summer look, terracota powder, blue lipgloss and all.

Maxime started with prepping the model's skin with Guerlain's Orchidée Imperialé skincare range. It is made of all natural ingredients the main component being the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract. It is the ultimate combination of three carefully selected orchid species which offers youthful longevity. Youth in a jar sounds promising.

Before the colours, he applied the Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer. The pearls in the bottle concept is so attractive! It's a shimmer primer but I was told that after the foundation goes on, you can't really see shimmers. After some foundation and powder, it was on to the Terra Azzurra Collection. Since the lighting at the venue was a tad dark, I shall not attempt to show you the step-by-step photos as it's not very clear. Check out how the model looked like after makeover at the end of this write up. Not only was I loving the bronzer-blush but the eye palette is a looker too.

Let's get to know the Terra Azzurra used on the model a little better shall we. I'm completely smittened with the Bronzing Powder & Blush. This gem of the collection is a combination of a bronzer and a blusher. It has four colours, the bronzer, a peach blush, a pink blush and a light pink blush. The colours aren't exactly in the light category which makes me convinced it will look fab on my medium tone skin. Housed in a round ebony-coloured varnished wood which you can slip into a Pucci print pouch, this is a lust-have from this collection!! (Retails at RM294)

The Meteorites Perles D' Azur, a cult favourite, this time comes in a slightly warmer shade. It combines six colours that even out and correct every skin tone. I personally feel the round case which hold the summer pearls is the most chic out of all the meteorites. It adorned in Pucci print. To compliment it, there's the midnight blue Kabuki-style powder brush which comes with its own Pucci print pouch. (Meteorites retails at RM189)

Summer gloss comes in three shades, the names of which are taken from three iconic Pucci silk scarves - Porto Fino a shiny coral pink, Porto Ercole a sensual brown and Porto Azzurro an unruly indigo blue which is transparent on the lips but vibrant in the bottle. Such a curious shade. (Retails at RM124 each)

For a pop of summer colour on your nails, pop polishes comes in two shades, Paradiso a cheery luminous coral pink which looks ah-mazing on my two fingers that I swatched it on and Riviera a powerful electric indigo blur with a subtle metallic finish, described as Rock 'n' roll on golden toes. Catchy description!

To get that smouldering gaze on the model in the photo, you need The Sunset Monochrome, a blazing palette with warm tones. The combination is endless and you can easily bring it from day to night. The coral and midnight blue shades are a sexy combination! To open up the eyes, Mascara le 2 De Guerlain by Emilio Pucci embraces summer with an elegant blue shade that opens up the eyes and offers bold lashes. Khol Kajal also comes in an indigo blue and the colour is beautiful. The brown lid is decorated with ribbons in blue and coral. (The Sunset Monochrome retails at RM193, Mascara Le 2 Guerlain RM124, Khol Kajal RM121)

The Model

There you have it, Guerlain's Terra Azzurra Summer Collection. This is a limited edition collection. So if you fancy any of the products, like the bronzer-blush *ahhemm* get it before it runs out!

*Next: The Peep Toes - Ombre Style! ;)

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