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Please Vote For Me for the Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award!

By 13:43

Levi's is running a Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award with a few magazines. I decided to try my luck after receiving an email from female Magazine. I usually stay away from vote contest but this is one of those rare times I decide to participate because I found my perfect pair of jeans in Levi's, a Slight Curve in Straight! It hugs my non-existent curves and make it appear as if there's something there. If you get what I mean. *laughs hillariously*

I have been chosen as a finalist which means I'm in the top 10 but I need to get myself in the TOP 5 to be in the running for the Grand Prize. It's a DAILY VOTE which starts 18/06/12 - 28/06/12. Lucky voters will also be in the running for RM300 Levi's voucher. :) Would really appreciate it if you guys could help me get into the Top 5. Click here to vote.

Now here's the strange part though, the slogan requirement. Not that I'm complaining but I just found it strange. Okay I am complaining. The slogan that's on the site is completely different from the one I sent in. What's that about?? Really! I realise that the contest organiser has the right to alter the T&C as they please but to replace my slogan with something completely different and making me sound bimbotic on top of it is just apalling!! The second I saw it I knew it may have been a mistake joining. What makes it worse is that it's a voting contest which I feel is never fair. It's a popularity contest. What's the point? Anyways, it's all been done. I just wanted to share with you guys my actual slogan, the one I came up with, the one I sent in.

"Shape, and not size is important to me because my shape is something I cannot change. It is my own and it sets me apart from the rest. I wear a Levi's Slight Curve and I am proud of it!"

If you guys decide to vote, thanks loads! You guys are awesome! :)

Next up: Youth Elixir for sure..

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