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Day Out With Carliana

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Meet Carliana. She's a peep toe ombre and she's seriously comfy. It's like I have fluffy cushions strapped to my feet. This pair is from Crocs Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Bet you didn't see that coming did you. Neither did I when I saw it. I could not resist the eye catching gradient citrus-aqua combo. Plus it's so not Crocs. If you have read my earlier post on Croc's Spring Summer 2012, crocs has reinvented itself and has come up with these amazing designs that's great for almost any occassion. Read here.

If you already own a pair then you must know how comfy they are. If you are like me and you have never tried them on before here's a little bit on what makes them comfy. The footbed is made out a Croslite material which is a foam resin that holds its form really well and provides more cushioning for your feet. Those footbed nubs you feel as soon as you slip your foot in offers a massage-like feel and for the fun and luminous pop of colour. Notice the holes by the side? They are ventilation port which allows your feet to breathe. So that your feet won't go all sweaty in the shoe.

I love the colour I chose. Have I said that already? Despite the bright hue, it really is very easy to match with outfits but I prefer wearing it at the weekend. I walked for hours without complaining about aching feet. Not that I moan about aching feet at the weekends anyway since I'm always in a pair of Havaianas but this gives me the option to look a tad more 'dressy'. Loving this colour for Summer! Oh and please excuse the swollen right foot, I was attemping a back flip and the landing went wrong. Or at least that's the story I'm spinning, it sounds much more dangerous and exciting than what really happened. *laughs*

The next time you walk pass a Crocs store you might want to retrace a few steps back and check out the Spring Summer 2012 collection or you could visit their online store at

Shorts: Uniqlo | Top: Island Shop (old) | Bag: Cath Kidston | Bracelets: by fatin, ASOS | Nails: Jealous by Sephora

*Note: Product courtesy of Crocs Malaysia.

Coming up: Perhaps skincare or shall I show you my new finds *ponders*

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  1. What a great post! I've been asked to pick a pair of Crocs and write about them on my blog and was sooo hesitant. I mean Crocs?! Come on... But you've made these look so cute and glam. Totally going to ask the PR of a pair of Carlianas. Thanks babe! Best wishes from Cape Town X x x

  2. Hey thanks loads for dropping by! :) I know what you mean. I cringed when I was asked to review a pair until I googled their Spring/Summer 2012 collection and found a few adorable ones. But Carliana caught my eye. Hope you have a fab time with your Crocs review! :)


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