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Floral Hearts For Tea

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I attended the launch of Malaysia's first beauty box concept called Fabulous Finds on Saturday. It was a somewhat challenging afternoon but I expected nothing less. Since it was hot out as it usually is I decided to go with a pair of floral shorts I recently bought on a shopping trip with Traclyn. It reminds me of a pair out of Zara and Miss Sixty. I think it's adorable especially with the zippers and I just added on a pair of light tights for quirkiness. I also got my nails done at the launch/tea session. It's my first time having a nude colour on and I don't think I fancy it much. The red however is really pretty, it's the colour Jean got in her door gift at the session.

Just thought I'd share this with you guys, something unexpected happened over afternoon tea at the launch which I found socially unacceptable and it was addressed to me - "Since you are Malay, you must think all Chinese food taste good". Let me clarify something, I am fully capable of assessing whether food of any origin taste good or is just not fit for consumption. If it lacks taste or I feel it is of inferior quality I don't eat it. I always think it's best to stop and think before saying anything. Otherwise there's always that possiblity of strange statements like such coming up.

Will post more about Fabulous Finds some time this week and I have more plans for those cute shorts. :)

Shorts: Unknown Brand | Top: Mango | Tights: Forever 21 | Shoes: Zara | Bracelets: by fatin, Forever 21, Mango | Nails: Essie Iced Chai Latte

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  1. I love your outfit! <3
    And whoever said that to you probably didn't think before uttering it, lol.

  2. Salam Fatin...

    If u r is one advise for u..Turn to Allah before you return to Him..time flies..

  3. Laura: Thanks so much! It's those shorts. ^^

  4. Anonymous: Oh look, a Hater! Well since you imply you are a Muslim, here's an advise for you - Why don't You Turn to Allah S.W.T. and fully equip yourself for The Day when it comes instead of reading my blog (which will not help you at the end of days or the time after that) before You Return to Him. To each his own. C'est La Vie. <--- Kindly use Google Translate for this if you do not understand.

    Also if you insist on preaching on my blog, kindly leave your name. It's really pathetic when people who pretend they are pious hide behind Allah S.W.T.'s name.

  5. sorry about the unfair statement.. =/
    but i must say that's a gorgeous pair of shorts! ^^ love the way u style with the accessories!

  6. Michelle: No worries, I guess it's just one of those strange days. But thank you so much! The shorts were a steal, I'm completely in love with it. :)


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