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Normandy Apple Tart @ TWG Tea Salon, Pavilion

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I really wanted to do 'The Bloom' post but due to some technical complications it won't be blooming just yet. But I do have something else for you guys. Here's my third last exciting lunch before Saturday comes. Talk about being dramatic, I mean it's only going to be a month. But hey there's still exciting dinners ahead. *laughs*

I dropped by TWG Tea Salon and Boutique at Pavilion for a nibble. For mains I decided to try the Normandy Apple Tart (RM18). It's a delicate, flaky pastry filled with stewed apples served with a scoop of homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream topped with an unctuous caramel coulis infused with Pomme Prestige Tea.

This was pleasantly delicious and I love the decorative arrangement of the thinly sliced apples. Pretty! It's like edible art. Unlike the usual extremely sweet apple tarts or pies I usually get here this one was just nice. I really don't understand why some places just make them so darn sweet. With this one, I could taste the apples and what gave that bit of sweetness is the rich caramel. The ice cream balanced out the flavours beautifully. What I like best is the flaky pastry base, it makes this dessert so light that polishing it off on your own shouldn't be a problem. Or maybe that's just me. *grins* There's no better way to end a meal with macarons for dessert. Does that make sense? :P

No pot o' tea this time, just dessert. Hopefully the plan to bloom materialises next week. So while you guys enjoy the sight of that yummy apple tart I'll be planning out the coming week. :)

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