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Review: The Body Shop Body Mist in Shea

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Best to layer it! *grins* In my case: Shea Beautifying Oil + Shea Body Butter + Shea Body Mist = Shea Addict! You guys get the picture. The latest addition to The Body Shop's yummy scents are the new line up of Body Mist. Wait don't rush to the online store just yet, they will only be available next week, July 16th.

The new range of Body Mist were launched in UK and US in June, in time for summer. Since we're summer all year round with wet spells in between, it's perfect for our weather any time of the year. If you don't feel like having on heavy strong scents of edts or edps then just spritz on a Body Mist of your choice and you're good to go. It's light and fresh without busying itself with top notes, base notes and all those stuff. It's straightforward and it's fun!!

My body mist of choice, Shea. *addicted* I think it smells of true Shea, just like the Beautifying Oil and the Body Butter. It's warm, comforting and gorgeously nutty. It lasted a good four hours before the scent started to slowly fade. Did I time it? Well yes and I also sniffed myself every 30 minutes or so. All in the name of giving a good product review, I don't normally sniff myself. :P Top it up through out the day. Have a few!

It comes in all your fave classic The Body Shop product scents - apart from Shea, there will be Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango, Moringa and Vanilla. The other scent I'm looking forward to trying is Pink Grapefruit. If it's anything like the shower gel, gosh it's going to be citrusy fresh! Loving the lables too. It's the all new image as featured on their Body Butter as well as the Beautifying Oil. The mists contain community fair trade alcohol made from sugar cane.

The Body Shop Body Mist will retail at RM43 for 100ml. Keep updated with The Body Shop Malaysia on facebook.

*Note: Product courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia.

Next week: Are unibrows or bushy brows your thing?

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  1. you crazy girl! LOL

    But me too gonna get crazy soon, I wan all strawberry flavor products!!!!

  2. we're both going crazy dy! lol


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