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Confessions Of A Shopaholic 2: Anna Sui & Guerlain

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In case you're wondering why there's a '2' in the title of the post, well '1' is all about the latest fragrances, Valentino Valentina, Issey Miyake Pleats Please and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. '1' would also explain what the whole post is about. *grins* Read '1' here.

Anna Sui 2012 Autumn I Collection Rebel Girl is an open book of possiblities for The Rebel Girl who is confident, bold, who has a mind of her own and who has to have her way. All focus is on the eyes. Hence the introduction of a new eyeshadow range with 41 shades including eight shades of Anna Sui's favourite colour- purple. Each eyeshadow is imprinted with a rose motif and comes in three textures. A 21 shade Powder Base for rich vivid colour, a 14 shade Moist Powder Base with soft pearl shades and a 6 shade Cream Base for a cream sheen finish.

The latest packaging comes in a refillable format making it easy for you to choose your favourite colours and bring it along with you. You don't have to buy just the three shades that fit into the packaging, buy a few more and swap out the colours according to the look you're going for. The packaging is a signature Anna Sui black case which comes with a mirror and a mini brush with double applicator ends for quick and easy touch ups. The eyeshadow pallete retails at RM35 whereas each eyeshadow retails at RM40.

The collection also includes a 5 shade Pencil Eye Liner in Deep Black, Pearly White, Midnight Blue, Chocolate Brown and Olive Green. It made from soft wax with a fade resistant formula, embedded with pearls and rich pigments which gives a rich colour. Complete the look with two limited edition lip colours, Anna Sui Lip Rouge D and V. It's a complete collection which provides everything necessary for rebel girls who want to create their own unique Anna Sui look.

Guerlain introduced its skincare Orchidée Impériale range at the session. You probably remember me mentioning it in a previous Guerlain post here.  It is made of all natural ingredients the main component being the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract from the Vanda Coreulea species which has been reintroduced, cultivated and protected by Guerlain Research. The Guerlain Orchidarium consists of 3 centres - the Experimental Garden in Switzerland, the Basic Research Laboratory in France and the Exploratory Nature Reserve in China.  Making it the ultimate combination of three carefully selected orchid species which offers youthful longevity.

The Orchidée Impériale skincare range combats all signs of ageing. The skin recovers its strength and density, facial contours appear redefined. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin's texture is refined. The complexion is velvety-soft, perfectly even toned and radiant. I experienced it by way of a hand massage which was so relaxing. Need to do those a bit more.

So those are the latest from Luxasia, I'm liking the shades of purple eyeshadows from Anna Sui. They look super pretty. I'm sure you Anna Sui fans are looking forward to the Autumn Collection, so be sure to check out the colours!

One thing left, the food. Photos and my thoughts in my next post. :)


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