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Review: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil - Shea

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I know I said I'm going to start the week with a bang but the weekend has been insane that the bang has been rescheduled to perhaps next week. Which means this week is going to be a somewhat chilled out week but exciting nonetheless.

So it's been all about the oils lately and I'm currently loving The Body Shop's New Beautifying Oils. I mentioned it briefly in my Pulse Boutique post here but have only recently started using it. I should have started sooner!

The Beautifying Oil is a multi-purpose dry oil which instantly banishes dryness, restores softness and also nourishes. Best thing about it is that it can be used on your body, hair and face. Yeah, that's like everywhere! *cheeky smile*

It is made from a special blend of three nut oils and the main one being the Marula Oil which comes from the ripened fruit of the marula tree in Namibia. The fruits are hand-selected and the nuts are extracted and allowed to dry in the sun. The moisture-rich kernels are cold-pressed by hand to release oil. The other oils that make up this Beautifying Oil are Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Fragrances are then added to give you a variety of choice. Now it comes in Shea , Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Olive, Strawberry, Moringa, Olive and Satsuma.

Since I had a choice of scents, I went for Shea instead of the obvious Cocoa Butter. Don't get me wrong I'm still cocoa crazed but just thought I'd go for something different this time. I'm now crazy in love with Shea! It has this warm, nutty, earthy scent that I find so relaxing and calming.

The best time to apply it on your body is right after a shower or bath while the skin is still damp because thats when your skin absorbs oils, creams and lotions loads better. It has a lightweight texture that easily absorbs into the skin and it's non-greasy. The skin soaks it in within seconds!  My skin feels instantly hydrated, smooth and soft. It looks refreshed.

I have also tried it on dry hair, in between washes. Oils are doing wonders to my hair lately. If you have naturally curly  hair you would know how dry and frizzy it can get especially with the humidity. I applied a small amount to the frizzy bits and voila! It smoothened it out, and even defined my curls without weighing it down. Also added that bit of shine which made the curls look fab! I know I said you can also use it on your face but since I'm a tad paranoid with oils on my face, I didn't fancy the thought of it. So the oil is staying on my body and hair. :)

Here's another thing you can do. Layer the oil with your body butter of choice. Since mine is Shea I layered it on with The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter which makes the scent loads more intense. Completely love it! It also gives the skin continuous hydration which is amesome especially if you're in air-cond places all the time.

The Marula Oil used in the Beautifying Oils is sourced through The Body Shop's Community Fair Trade Programme. It is produced by the Eudafano Women's Co-operative of Namibia, owned and run entirely by women. By setting up their own factory, the 5,000 members have gained entrepreneurial skills and a new found self-esteem.

The Body Shops New Beautifying Oils retails at RM58 for 100ml. You can either visit you nearest outlet to experience the scent or just buy it online here. Also follow The Body Shop on their facebook or latest product updates and promotions.

*Note: Products are courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia.

*Next: I was told it's an innovative new product that gives you a photo shop effect in photos..

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