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Crocs Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection Launch

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Remember back in April I went on and on about how Crocs has managed to redesign their footwear from "Err.. I'll never be caught dead in that" to "Hey that's cute!". Check out the Spring/Summer 2012 post I did here and the review I did on the Carliana Peep Toe Ombre here which I thought was really pretty. So Crocs recently launched their Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection and also introduced their New Crocs New You Campaign Fall/Holiday Campaign which includes a contest where you can stand a chance to win a 3-day 2-night luxury accomodation at The Datai Langkawi Hotel, Pulau Langkawi. There are also 10 consolation prizes to be given away for 10 consecutive weeks. Wasn't that a mouthful. Xandria Ooi, well-known fashion icon was also around to share some styling tips.

Let me introduce the new collection first before going on to the contest just because it makes more sense that way. The latest collection is all about luxurious leather and canvas sneakers. Crocs signature light-weight comfort remains thanks to the Crosslite material sole. It's also lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant footwear that fits well and lasts long. The price range is between RM229-RM269 for the normal ones, a bit more pricey for the boots selection.

Here's what it is though, I know the season is changing so the colour choice will naturally move into the darker range. However I feel that the designs have gone back to the very basics, a lot more subdued unlike the funky designs for the Spring/Summer collection. I'm finding it a tad unexciting. But that's just me though, I'm all into the funky statement style. I suppose the basic type would be more easier to match with outfits. Might yet find a pair that I fancy.

Contest time. More like lucky draw time. The Fall/Holiday campaign is where you can discover your individual fashion identity while incorporating Crocs new collection into it. The campaign is divided into two parts - "Your Path,Your Style" and "Reveal You Fashion ID". To understand what I'm going on about log on to

Your Path, Your Style is where you have some fun with an interactive video. You take a journey with Crocs and match your personal style with a pair of Crocs shoes. You could be going to a park, off for coffee, kicking back with your mates, just pick your fave pair and you are on your way. After you share your journey with friends and family on your fave social website, you will then be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win great prizes. When you're done with that you will be given a coupon to redeem at a Crocs store!

Reveal Your Fashion ID is where you reveal you personal style with fashion icon Xandria Ooi. Simply answer a series of questions and your fashion identity will be revealed. Share your results with on your fave networking site so that your mates can join in on the fun as well.

The contest/lucky is already up and running so be sure to check it out at For more info log on to

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