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New: Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Eyes

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So here's the new eye product I tried at Biotherm's flagship store launch, Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Eyes. I'm beginning to lose hope in finding an eye product that can really sort out my dark circles and lines. Or I could just be suffering from iron deficiency. Then again I really need to catch up on sleep. *sigh*

Skin.Ergetic Eyes is part of the anti-fatigue range and it's the first integral anti-fatigues eye care from the brand. Skin.Ergetic Eyes targets the five major signs of tired eyes - dark circles, bags, fine lines slackening and puffy eye lids.

The main ingredient is naturally derived and is known for its health properties. Ingredients list:

  • Cholrella V. is a green micro-alga from the Pacific Lowland Lakes with extraordinary depolluting power. It filters water from toxins and heavy metals to purify its living environment.
  • Chlorella V. Extract & Haloxyl™: Combat dark circles
  • Water retention-reducing Caffeine: Decrease eye bags and puffiness
  • Cellular density-boosting Adenosine: Reduces appearance of wrinkles and lack of firmness
  • Phitovityl C & Vitamin E: Helps detoxify skin
  • Protein-rich Soy Extract: Makes skin look less tired and stimulates energy-producing mitochondria

To get the best result I was told that it' best to accompany the application with a basic eye massage paying attention to the pressure points around the eyes. It is a light cream formula that absorbs well into the skin. The BA tried on my eyes and did the whole massage things and it felt so good. I know you can do the massage on your own but it just feels that much more relaxing when someone else does it for you. :P

Trying out on my hand with a mini massage

The only things noticeable upon the first application is that my eyes appear hydrated. However according to Biotherm's studies 80% of women noticed their eyes look less tired. Dark circles and bags look reduced, lines are smoothed and sagging eyelids are minimized. The entire eye area appears refreshed and rested. I'm assuming such results can only be seen after a certain period of use. What I'd give to just snap my fingers and say good bye to tired eyes.

Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Eyes is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.It is now available at all Biotherm counters. Price update soon. :)

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