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The Fourteenth Came in Sequins

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I don't need an excuse to wear a bling cat ear headband and sequin skirts. It would be great if I could wear a sequin item everyday but that's a tough one to get away with in my case. Imagine the gasps of horror at my work place.

I had an awesome early Birthday dinner last Thursday with too much food. Reflecting on the year that passed, I have had a great time, learned so much, met some new people, wished I didn't do some things and ate some delish desserts. Here's hoping the next year will be even more fabulously amazing than the last. *fingers crossed* 

Skirt: Cotton On | Tunic: Forever21

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  1. me like ur hair bun look!!! =D the skirt is beautiful and surprisingly quite easy to match eh?

  2. the flats is so cute, i should get one for myself =)

  3. Jean: thank you! sequin anything is really easy to match. it's up to you whether you want to dress it up or make it look casual. i'm on the hunt for more sequin pieces! :P

    Mizz Ayna: i'm loving everything gold at the moment! :)

  4. OH MY!!! Cat headband!
    May I know where you get it from? >_< I've been trying to find it but to no avail. :(

  5. I couldn't find it here either. A friend of mine got it for me from London. Birthday pressie.. :)


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