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Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen - It's New!

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Talk about curious! This was my reaction when I first saw it, "Huh? What's that?". Then I saw the promo poster accompanying it, "Ooo interesting..." *went on to fondle it*. 

Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen has a unique shape which features a new ergonomic design. The reason behind the design is to ensure a firm grip for precise application which is suitable for either you righties or lefties. Curvee is made in Germany and is an exclusive collaboration between Aivoria Group's Elianto and Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics.

To take off the cap, you need to twist it off. It's made this way so that the cap will not accidentally slip off. The tip is the felt skinny type like a pointy marker pen. It's easy to control the movement of the tip and there is no overflowing of the liquid.

I needed a little getting use to with the handle of the liner since it is nothing like the usual kind. I think I only got the hang of holding it after the third use. Once I did, it flows really easily to get a clean line. It's mistake proof and even if you accidentally nudged your hand a bit, just draw over it. It's also simple to get it as close to the lash line as possible. Needless to say drawing a thicker line is a snap.

I had this one for 7 hours so far and there was no smudging nor transfer. I have told that it's also waterproof. Even after having it on for a long period the colour stays fresh just as it looked like when I first applied it.

What I like best about the Curvee is the price tag. For an eyeliner that satisfies all my basic requirements of a liquid liner it retails at only RM33 and the refill is RM27. Yes it's refillable! However I do find it a tad bulky to fit into my makeup bag. Currently the Curvee stays in my makeup basket at home. 

It will also be available in other colours soon. Elianto Curvee is now available at all Elianto outlets.

*Note: Product courtesy of Elianto Malaysia.

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