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Chocolate Tart @ THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt KL

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A good Chocolate Tart is so difficult to find in KL. What more a really good one. I finally managed to try the Chocolate Tart @ THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt KL after missing out on it during my previous visits because it wasn't tart of the day. It didn't manage to get away from me this time. *evil laugh*

Now isn't that just picture perfect! Chocolate Tart served with Chantilly Cream and Berry Compote. I was fascinated at how beautifully the berry compote cascaded by the side of the tart as though hanging from an invisible branch. That is one photogenic tart.

There is a certain lightness to the intensity of the chocolate. It's a chocolate custard centre topped with chocolate ganache. The thickness or should I say 'thin-ness' of the crust was just nice so as to not interrupt the smoothness of the chocolate. It just melts in the mouth.                                 

The tinge of tartness in the berry compote lends a wonderful varied taste to the chocolate and the richness of the double cream. You would think the whole dessert sounds a tad heavy but it really is very light.

I would have gone for seconds if I didn't have to rush off for a product launch. *boo* :P I dare say this is the best Chocolate Tart in town. Definitely the best since my trip back to Paris last year. 

The Chocolate Tart is definitely Chocolate Cats approved and a must try. I'm not just saying it because I'm a chocolate addict. I enjoyed it immensely!

The double chocolate soft cookie that came with my tea was also a treat. They should really consider selling those cookies by weight. It's yummy!

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Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur | website
12 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumour
Operating hours: 6am-11pm
Reservations: 03-21821234 or email 

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  1. what a sight! Glad to know it tasted as good as it looks


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