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Urbane Bazaar @ First Subang Mall

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There are quite a few new things that I want to share with you guys but I have been busy with so many things over the past few days including finalising some really exciting stuff for the Blog Birthday Giveaway happening Sunday evening or perhaps Monday morning. Haven't decided on that one yet, looks like you guys just have to wait a little bit longer to find out. *smiles*

I was at a Bazaar the whole afternoon yesterday. Thanks to Tammy of plusizekitten I was invited to explore Urbane Bazaar at First Subang Mall which is at the other end of the world from where I live but great for you guys who live in the Subang Jaya and nearby areas.

The bazaar has a decent amount of vendors catering to mostly the girls but there are two vendors selling guy stuff. There's a wide variety of jewellery stuff, bags and accessories. There are also some vendors selling clothes and one selling super cute random stuff.

I was trying not to buy too much due to my recent online acquisitions but I am so weak when it comes to jewellery. Despite being fussy I managed to spot a few pieces I fancied which I bought. *shakes head* I have been into chunky pieces for while now and I thought the ones I got made a good addition to my collection.

After the shopping I went for a treat at Sherlyn's Little Dream which sells homemade cakes and desserts. It's a fairly new cafe started about a year ago. Sherlyn makes only a limited amount of cakes, brownies and desserts per day and is currently promoting her brownies. Using my voucher, I was entitled to a piece of brownie, a choice of another cake or dessert and either tea or coffee. I opted to try the Lemon Tiramisu. It was a pleasant surprise this one was. I am insanely picky when it comes to brownies so this one caught me off guard. It's the chewy type of brownie, my kind of brownie. The chocolate is rich and the texture heavy. You have an option of having it served with ice cream.  The Lemon Tiramisu has a great balance of flavours. Love the fact that I can actually taste the lemon. Seem to be going for everything lemony lately. The Oreo Cheesecake Jean had was delicious too. Sherlyn doesn't skimp with the ingredients, making me wishing she had an outlet in KL. *sigh* So if guys are in the Subang Jaya area or live nearby, you have to drop by to try the cakes and desserts.

I also managed to get my nails done some where in between at My Love Nail. They did a pretty decent job with the express manicure. Though I felt the choice of colours are quite limited. On my nails are Miami Beet and Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?. Jean had this pretty red glitter shade which looked great in photos. I have to try it the next time I get a mani. The express manicure costs RM20.

Another pleasant surprise.. I got an early birthday present from Tammy. Yayy!! I'm not going to reveal what it is yet. I plan to style it with one of my outfits and you guys will see it then. *winks*

Thanks loads Tammy and Ashley, organiser of Urbane Bazaar for the jewellery and dessert filled afternoon!

Urbane Bazaar is at First Subang Mall every 1st & last week of the month, on Thursday and Friday 12pm-10pm.

First Subang Mall
SS15/4G Subang Jaya

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  1. That's some fierce (awesome) looking nail colors with rocking names! Thanks for coming to the Bazaar and having a great time there.

    I'm amazed at your current obsession with chunky jewelry, the wing designed one is soooo royal! And both pieces reminds me of the Egyptian Cleopatra.

  2. Wow nice.. Hehe. I am nearby there only as busy no go over,,

  3. the mall is quite interesting (with the food places and karaoke) but too far away.. too bad..


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