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Biotherm New Flagship Store in Malaysia

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I haven't heard a peep from Biotherm until recently. They launched their new flagship store at Pavilion and it's quite a change from what I'm used to seeing. The store marks the first Biotherm point of sale under the Brand's new Beauty From the Deep platform. It is more in tune with where the brand is coming from, its 60 years of unparalleled aquatic skincare solutions.

The new store concept makes you feel as though you are stepping into an aquatic world. It's a visual voyage in a 'peaceful underwater environment' with an easy shopping experience where you can explore, learn and test Biotherm most recent innovations. If you're thinking it's in a super sized aquarium, well it's not but it would been really cool if it were. *winks*

So here's what you do the next time you walk past the Biotherm store at Pavilion, stop nearby and check out the interior. It really is more interesting than the photos. The counters are splashed with contrasting blues and whites, surface and depth, the dark blue units at floor level become lighter as if nearing the surface. Bathed in light each space also features reflective metallic-paneled silver ceilings, giant bubble installations and counters, mirroring sunshine glinting on the ocean. Even the store's slightly curved shapes counters and furniture are as if smoothed by waves.

As for the mens section, for a more masculine look and to make the guys more comfortable shopping for skin care, dark silvers and granite greys replace blue as the primary colour of Biotherm Homme units.

Here's what you can expect instore:
  • A skin moisture level checker for a quick hook
  • The Blue Smart device, a skin colour-determining camera
  • Customer brochures/catalogues
  • New services tailor-made for key launches throughout the year
There's also a latest eye product from Biotherm which I mananged to try out while at the new store. Look out for it in my next post.

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