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RoC® Skin Care Workshop

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RoC®, that skin care brand you find at the pharmacy, is French and has strong dermatological ties. So they had a workshop early August, yes it's been a month since, I have been tardy. *blink blink*

RoC® organised the workshop to introduced their latest anti-ageing skin care range at the workshop RoC® Sublime Energy. This range is inspired by professional electro-stimulation. As we age, bioelectrical signs naturally diminish, leading to decreased cell to sell comminication and production of essential proteins such as collagen and elastin. This can result in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone and other signs of ageing.

The science of RoC® E-PULSE™ Skin Electro Stimulation Technology is based on creating and delivering natural levels of electricity directly to the skin. This helps facilitate cell-to-cell communication that stimulates the skin's rejuvenation process.

E-PULSE™ Skin Electro Stimulation Technology can only be found in RoC® Sublime Energy. Each product has 2-steps, the first is E-PULSE concentrate containing zinc and copper minerals and the second is and activating moisturiser that when used together deliver fast and remarkable results. The range consists of 3 complementary products: RoC® Sublime Energy Eye, Day and Night.

It was a basic skin care workshop which basically taught the participants how to know your skin type, how to recognise various skin conditions and suitable products for your skin type and condition. 

I'm sure we all know off the four skin types - Normal, Dry, Combination and Oily. Your skin type will not change for the rest of your life, you are stuck with it for better or for worse.  The way to know which skin type you have is through the size of the pores. For example, I have oily skin and if you noticed from my photos my pores are obvious. If you have dry or normal skin types your pores will be less visible. I'm still holding on to the notion that oily skin age much slower. Hey it's my birthday this month, let me be delusional if I want to. *laugh*   

Skin condition however is caused by various factors - environmental, diet, stress, medication, hormones and age. The more common skin conditions are dehydration and ageing. 

All four skin types can experience dehydration. Seriously. I have bouts of surface dehydration as well and when that happens my oil glands goes on overdrive. It's my skin's way of telling me I'm not hydrating enough. Surface dehydration will eventually cause premature aging. To avoid it you have to use specific products to pump in moisture into the skin.

Ageing is something you cannot run away from. Perhaps what you can do is slow it down with a good skin care regime and anti-ageing products. You will notice appearance of fine lines which will lead to wrinkles and then come the deep wrinkles, lastly your skin will sag as there is no more collagen in your skin to keep it looking plump and smooth. 

For suitable skin care products for your specific skin type and conditions you might want to consult a skin care expert but the general rule is that dry skin requires oil based products, oily skin - water based products and combination - a combination of both types. Sun protection is also a must. A healthy diet will also contribute to healthier skin. More fruits and vegetables people!

RoC® E-PULSE™ range and their other ranges are available at all leading pharmacies. Prices update soon. :)

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