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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 Day 3 - Jovian Mandagie

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It was a sequin and prints kind of night for me and
thanks loads again awesome peeps over at Bobbi Brown for my make up! :)

Beautiful collection! Those short sequins skirts from Jovian Mandagie's ready to wear collection are gorgeous! Completely loving the use if lace and sequins. Jovian Mandagie also showcased his latest range of modern baju kurung, baju kurung kedah and jubah. It time for Hari Raya I might add. It included the designs inspired by Lisa Surihani who also took to the runway yesterday evening. The ready to wear collection are made for selected high quality fabrics, you'll find pol blend, crepe, satin chiffon and fancy fabric. Details include velvet flower applique and floral embroidery, a Jovian Mandagie trademark. 

Lisa Surihani for Jovian Mandagie

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  1. jovian is really an amazing designer! thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. his collection is already up on sale. I heard his pre raya order is postponed and ramai customers angry dgn dia sbb they need to pick the clothes from tesco. he needs to figure out how to pujuk his customers back. sbb ada yg kena cancel flight etc.

  3. the black and yellow jacket is so you Fatin =)


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