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Crazy Love With See By Chloé

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My third installment of the See By Chloé series, Crazy Love. I'm known to do the most strangest things though I think I've been rather subdued on the blog. Although this may not really be one of those crazy ones but it did look really strange taking photos looking longingly at a bottle of perfume. It did manage to attract some attention. Some one came up to me yet again, to ask about See By Chloé, sniffed it and loved it! Trust me to end up with days like that. *laughs* Unlike the video of Crazy Love With See By Chloé, there isn't any throwing of stuff out the window. It would've have been cool though. But I suppose being in love with a bottle of perfume and having a coffee date with See By Chloé is a tad crazy. It includes a stalker fan letter too!

I have also made my own video which you guys can view on the See By Chloé site. Vote for my video! If you like it Click Like, if you love it Leave a Comment and if you think it's fabulous Share It. If you think this was an awesome way to get to know a little bit more about me then Do All Three!

Read more about Dare To Reveal Yourself with See By Chloé campaign here, my Dare To Sing post here and my Funny Trouble post here.

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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