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Pureology Save Water Give Water Campaign 2013

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Yes I noticed and I'm sure you guys have too. Seems like I'm on a campaign spree but hey no harm in giving campaigns for a good cause centre stage for a change. I'm trying to do my part to make a difference here, every bit helps.

Water must be once of those natural resources we take for granted to no end. Do you guys realise that there are parts of the world that don't even have access to clean drinking water and lack proper sanitation. Feeling very lucky right about now?

So what does a hair care range have anything to do with a water campaing? Well Pureology a brand under L'Oréal recently announced it's Save Water. Give Water. Campaign 2013. Pureology is a pioneer in sustainability among L'Oréal brands. It has a heritage of environmental consciousness, using green botanicals and 100% vegan formulas.

L'Oreal, Pureology with Ning Baizura and Jojo Struys

Water conservation is the biggest initiation for Pureology worldwide. Since 1998 Pureology has partnered with Green Cross International (GCI) to sponsor and help the children and women in Ghana enjoy safe drinking water and proper sanitation. Learn more at

In 2012 Pureology relaunched its new revamped packaging with break through formulas and production method to reduce water usage at company level. As part of the Save Water. Give Water Program Pureology has come up with two support strategies - the sale of Limited Edition Hydrate and WaterSaver Salon Program.

The Limited Edition packaging for Pureology Hydrate range has been decked with a compilation of vibrant drawings by school children at the Makango School in Northern Ghana. By purchasing the Purelogy Hydrate Shampoo and/or Conditioner, one Euro will go to Green Cross International. for clean water programs. The artwork compilation looks awesome!

The WaterSaver Salon Program engages salons with the brand new and innovative WaterSaver Salon digital toll and challenges them to reduce their water usage by estimating the current usage and identifying ways to conserve water. Visit

Here are also some things you can do to save water at home..

To learn more about Green Cross International or to donate to the Smart Water for Green Schools program visit To learn more about Pureology Serious Colour Care® visit Time to make a change guys!

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