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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 Day 2 - Jonathan Liang

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I attended the two evening shows yesterday, Jonathan Liang and Isa & Baring. Managed to go through Jonathan Liang photos first. Since I don't own a cape and I was feeling mismatched, I put together spikes and leopard prints with a pop of colour. Pretty much like an angry feline. *laughs*

my makeup was courtesy of Bobbi Brown though you can't see it in the pic and I completely forgot to take a close up as I was in a hurry. but as always it looks beautiful. thanks loads BB Pavilion! :)

this croc embossed ensemble looked amazing on the runway!! perfect colour!

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  1. the fashion show looks amazing! all our local designer are mind blowing! they are are just amazing!


Appreciate your comments >_<