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Dare To Kiss With See By Chloé

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Dare To Kiss - Scandalous! Love this dare!! However I didn't kiss a girl so I can't tell you whether I liked it. *laughs* I did however kiss See By Chloé, Ankie the Cat who was frantically trying to escape my clutches, didn't want to be exploited for his cuteness apparently and then there was that 'shall I or shall I not' kiss. A what kiss? Scroll down to find out. *winks*

So there you have it, my Dare To Reveal Yourself with See By Chloé campaign. Had loads of fun doing it! If you haven't been following my posts, check out the Introduction to See By Chloé here. or

I have also made my own video which you guys can view on the See By Chloé siteVote for my video! If you like it Click Like, if you love it Leave a Comment and if you think it's fabulous Share It. If you think this was an awesome way to get to know a little bit more about me then Do All Three!

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*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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