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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 Day 1 - Jasmi Rejab, Jimmy Lim, PU3, Yadotsa

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thanks loads nani for this photo! :)

I was so looking forward to the start of fashion week after it went missing last year. This year fashion week is back via The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2013. I opted to attend the day shows as I really wanted to check out Jimmy Lim and Silas Liew (photos in next post). The first show of the day with Jasmi Rejab, Jimmy Lim, PU3 and Yadotsa was fantastic. Loving Jimmy Lim's sassy street wear style and Yadotsa's uber feminie silhouette!! Since I was only attending the day shows I figured I'd wear something simple with colours. Follow me on instagram - fatinchocolatecats for latest KLFW RTW 2013 update over the next five days!

Jasmi Rejab

Jimmy Lim



fab final piece from Yadotsa!!

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  1. Nice pics Fatin! I just left Pav at 9 something. Were you there for the Innai Red event? Wanted to watch Tom Abang Saufi but I believe it was running really late. Innai Red was supposed to be at 7pm but only started at 9+ pm!

    Hope you had fun.


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