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SK-II Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist

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Although I've heard some of my friends talk about SK-II for a long while, I've only recently managed to try out some of the products. I have also been introduced to two of SK-II's best selling products - Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist which is part of SK-II's No. 1 whitening series has more than 200 global awards. Each product targets different concerns but when used together gives you a translucent skin aura and spot free complexion.

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX is formulated to improve the skin at a cellular level and eventually makes the skin aura appear translucent, as it you are wearing light foundation. It contains Aura Bright Cocktail with Pixel White which evens out texture and tone from a microlevel. It treats spots and freckles as well as restores epidermis plumpness and collagen glycation. It promises a difference in skin radiance in just one week. In four weeks, bare skin is simply translucent.

SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist takes a double-barelled approach whereby it cuts and loosens dark spots at its roots. Which means it targets both hidden and visible spots. It is a preferred alternative to laser treatment as it aims at macerating five-year old stubborn dark spots in just four weeks.

Despite being able to work well on its own, the efficacy of these products are enhanced when combined with other SK-II products targeted for clear translucent skin. At an exclusive demonstration and briefing on SK-II's No. 1 whitening series by Denise Loong, SK-II country trainer, I got to learn more. Managed to pick some beauty tips as well.

Trying out the SK-II Magic Ring designed to see through skin and educate science of whitening

SK-II's No.1 whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist are available at all SK-II counters in all major department stores nationwide.

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX                 RM499 (30ml)  RM709 (50ml)
SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist               RM419 (30ml)  RM609 (50ml)

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  1. this would be a great product to start when i already aware of my dark spots! hehe...

  2. Your skin looks so much younger here, me jelly =P

  3. Hi everyone,
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