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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 Day 4 - Amir Luqman and Rico Rinaldi

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I wanted to post up these photos yesterday but gosh I was just too exhausted. Which means KLFW 2013 will continue on over the next week on Chocolate Cats. I promise you amazing photos from the shows. Amir Luqman was high on my list to watch for KLFW 2013. That was a no brainer. The best part about an Amir Luqman show is when she walks the runway. What's even more brilliant is when Amir Luqman opens for Amir Luqman!! I'm so in love with the evening wear collection.

Rico Rinaldi
Bold colours colours, textures and prints. The yellows and lime greens are my personal fave but the final piece in orange with the mini cape flowing behind is quite the attention grabber. Reminds me of an ultra chic Wonder Woman. Wishing my closet could look this colourful.

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