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Saloma - The Legend, The Fashion Icon

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There was a lot of things going on in the 60's and the fashion industry was definitely one of them. The legendary songstress Puan Sri Saloma, actress, fashion icon was a talent to be reckoned with. With her captivating voice and her talent for acting she was also one to look to when it came to fabulous style.

To celebrate Saloma, MIFA in collaboration with Bumiputera Designers Association (BDA) and Kelab Sahabat Radio Klasik Malaysia organised a fashion show showcasing the Hari Raya 2011 Collection (Eidul Fitri) aptly themed "Gaya dan Inspirasi Saloma" (Style and Inspiration of Saloma) at The Twelve. Eight designers from the BDA showcased over 60 designs. Guests were impressed  by collections from I Luv Wirda, Amir Luqman, Rizman Ruzaini, Zery Zamry, Hazree Wahid, Rico Rinaldi, Sasha Rowena and Prettylulu.

With Mariani - Sister of Saloma who was there to grace the event.
At 78, she was a great actress and singer of her time.
So cool!! She still looks so stylishly fabulous!

Koffee With Kem

She was a big fan of her sister!

Nona Asiah - Saloma's fashion designer
She worked with popular actors of the 60's at Studio Jalan Ampas in Singapore. In that era kebaya paired with kain wiron was the in style. When asked about Saloma, Mak Nona said that how Saloma would wear her hair would depend on what she was wearing.

Top: Melissa Saila, actress, director and niece of Saloma
Bottom left: Mimi Loma, sister of Saloma
Bottom right: Tan Sri Dato' Jins Shamsuddin, director and actor

Top: Wirda Adnan
Bottom left: Amir Luqman
Bottom right: Idan

The Show

I Luv Wirda
A young label by Wirda Adnan made its debut.

Hazri Wahid

Rizman Ruzaini

Zery Zamri
A bright and regal affair.

Rico Rinaldi
A feminie yet flirty collection for Eid.

Amir Luqman
Classic, a sheer top paired with songket.

But what I found most fascinating were two pieces by Nona Asiah which were about 50 years old!! They still looked gorgeous! Nona Asiah, Saloma's fashion designer was the one reponsible for making Saloma's style and outfits a huge hit. Given, that the late legend had a voluptuous figure, her outfits merely complimented and accentuated without baring too much. Mak Nona as she is fondly known is now 79 and was specially flown in for the event from Singapore. Mak Nona is also the first female singer to sing a duet with the legend himself, the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee in 1948.  In her career she has recorded over 300 songs and has designed for Latifah Omar, Mariani, Kartina Dahari and Julie Sudiro.

The yellow kebaya was made from saree material using the border to accentuate the design. The red kebaya looked very sexy expecially with the sheer pattern used at the neckline.

Mifa and BDA also took the oppurtunity to showcase the work of a young talent, Idan. This collection of photos were inspired by none other than Puan Sri Saloma and the style of the 60's.

BDA presented an Award of Recognition and Acknowledgement to Nona Asiah as a fashion designer. As well as an Award of Appreciation "Tribute to Saloma" to Mariani and Mimi Loma.

BDA Designers

Sisters and nieces leaving their mark on a photo of Puan Sri Saloma.

Guests were also entertained by Songstress Mimi Loma and Songstress Rozita Rohaizad.

Watching reruns of old movies starring the late Puan Sri Saloma was always so enthralling. As my aunt told me, the 60's in Malaysia evolved around her. She made the fashion, the hairdo and the style her own. She represented an era which is still celebrated even today!

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  1. I love I Luv Wirda and Hazri Wahid's collection, and Zery Zamri for the colors..

  2. anonymous: iknow right.. it's not often the 60's is celebrated in such a way.. ^^

  3. cahaya indah: i think i luv wirda made a wonderful debut.. she's got some really pretty pieces! i like hazri wahid's too, very elegant. i'm lurving gold at the moment.. ^^

  4. hi fatin
    can I use ur photo of amir luqman's kaftan in my blog pls?
    I couldnt find amir's resort raya pic elsewhere

    will link back to u
    hope to hear from u soon :)

  5. hi farah!

    yup go ahead, just credit me and link back please.. thanks loads.. :)

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