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Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

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Introducing the latest fragrance for men by the House of Gucci - Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. This is the other half to Gucci Guilty for Her which was launched last Autumn.

Faces of Gucci Guilty - Evan Rachel Wood & Chris Evans

If I'm not mistaken this is the second mens fragrance I've introduced on my blog. I know it's a tad bit strange but hey at least you babes will be well informed on what to get for your guy right. *winks*

The first thing you will notice about this new fragrance by Gucci is the ad campaign. When I saw it I just went "Woahh!". Talk about sexy in an undressed kind of way. TV ad: Chris Evans (The Human Torch in Fantastic Four and the soon to be released Captain America) was chosen as the Gucci Guilty hero. He smolders to no end in the ad. Seen arriving on a motorcycle wearing leathers he catches the eye of a sexy woman, Evan Rachel Wood, his match and the night just went wild! They were both hypnotic and mesmerizing!

So.. the Gucci Guilty for Him is about "The Hero",  a guy who is young, fearless and has impeccable taste. He has remarkable self-confidence and an unshakable sense of self-identity, risk-taker and thrill-seeker. Sounds like one of those dangerous, dark, brooding guys that you just can stop staring at! *lustfully or otherwise* 

"Men yearn to be him, women to be his" - Fridda Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci

The fragrance is intense with a heady cocktail of invigorating Italian lemon and mandarin with crushed green leaves. Fresh lavender, orange flower and neroli lends a stimulating and entrancing effect to the heart note.  With patchouli as the main base note, the hallmark of all Gucci fragrances, married with cedar and sandal wood it creates an exotic sensuality of profound masculinity. Undeniably alluring!

If this has managed to peak your curiousity, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme will be available in Malaysia as of 1st July 2011.

It comes in 6 variations:
Gucci Guilty PH EDT Vapo 50ml           RM223
Gucci Guilty PH EDT Vapo 90ml           RM281
Gucci Guilty PH ASL Vapo 50ml            RM181
Gucci Guilty PH Shower Gel 150ml       RM104
Gucci Guilty PH Deo Spray 100ml         RM96
Gucci Guilty PH Stick 75g                    RM96

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