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Lancôme Maqui Miracle Bloggers' Party & Review

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I hosted a Bloggers' Review Party with Lancôme recently for their latest release, Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation and needless to say it was loads of girly fun especially with Zam - Lancôme's Colour Design Artist/Head Trainer conducting the demo. I did a write up for Maqui Miracle liquid foundation launch late April, click here.

Fabulous looking bunch!
L-R: Camie, Ann Elle, Ayna, Tammy, Wing, Jean, Zam (Lancôme), Me, Isabel, Stellar, Stacey, Traclyn, Amanda (Lancôme)
Do check out their blogs and see what they have to say. :)


Maqui Miracle Compact vs Brand X Compact

By adding a tad bit of baby oil, Maqui Miracle on the left absorbs the oil while Brand X turns into a muddy texture

Model of the day was Jean as she came conveniently bare faced. Zam applied a step-by-step skincare to prep her skin before applying Maqui Miracle liquid foundation followed by make up.

Applying Lancome Genifique

Applying Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation
*Tip from Zam: Apply in a circular motion. Plus, a little goes a long way.

Jean after skincare and foundation

Before & After
Colours used on Jean is from Lancôme's Fall 2011 Collection

Sneak Peak: Introducing Lancôme's Fall 2011 Collection
29, St.Honoré
Will do a separate post on this ;)

Maison Lancôme Blush

Blonde Fatalle 02 Eyeshadow Palette

Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation Review

Some of you might already know that I have Combination/Oily skin which is such a pain especially when it comes to looking for foundation that will last through the day without melting away and looking blotchy only after a few hours. So I am always on the look out for a foundation that is suitable for my skin type. *Been on the prowl for a while now.. lol*

When I reviewed the Maqui Miracle Compact I mentioned that I rather liked it but it still did not give me that coverage I needed to cover my uneven skintone and acne scars. Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation offers the same benefits as the compact but lasts much longer.
  • Aura-Bright technology - For a fresh and radiant complexion
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Lightweight, oil-free and mineral rich formulation
  • SPF 26 PA+++ UV protection
All you need is a very small amount to apply onto the whole face. The trick to applying is that you get better results by using your fingers. Apply in circular motion onto the skin and there you have it, a brighter and radiant skin. It is really easy to blend and it goes on smooth and light. It offers a light to medium coverage which helps minimise the appearance of my acne scars. Then with a few dabs of concealer on those unsightly scars and tad bit of powder to set the foundation, I was ready to go!

My colour: O-04
Notice how light the texture is
Apply in circular motion to blend the foundation (as in circle)

After blending you get a smooth and radiant effect (as in circle)

Now to put it to the test. My 14 hour "long lasting" test. What can I say, it was a terribly long day but a great day for a foundation review. *winks*

0 hours : Freshly applied - I look bright and radiant!

After 1 hour
No sign of oiliness yet. *keeping fingers crossed*

After 5 hours
My skin feels oily but I still look clean and fresh

Now check this out.. When I blot, notice how only the oil is on the paper. There is no sign of foundation or smudges of it. It's still on my face after 5 hours!

After 7 hours
No touch ups!! This almost never happens. By this time my face would usually look blotchy and dull. But here it still looks bright.

After 10 hours
Coverage is still there! *photo below*

Yup there's loads of oil *no doubt about it* but no foundation smudges!

After 14 hours!
*Home at last.. and please ignore my panda eyes* Still looks pretty good. Given that my pores have oozed out loads of oil but the foundation has not melted away!

I have to say I am well impressed! After 14 hours it's still there!! Despite the oil and the blotting, Maqui Miracle has stayed on my skin for a whole day. It has managed to make my complexion appear bright, fresh and radiant through out. This is currently one of my faves!

Thanks loads Lancôme for the awesome party!! You guys rock!!

Head down to the nearest Lancôme counter to try it out especially if you have Combination/Oily skin. Available at Lancôme counters now.

Also check out my video testimonial on Lancôme Malaysia facebook.

Price: RM130 for 30ml

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  1. great post!
    the before and after photo is hilarious.. =X

  2. thanx jean!
    before photo: simple
    after photo: ready for a night out! ^^

  3. im lovin' it, thanks to u n lancome!
    u r so right, no residue on the blot paper, unlike bb creams foundations that i had been using..chucking them out hehe

    xoxo elle

  4. chuck em out elle!! i'm glad you lurv it too! and thanx so much for coming.. ^^

  5. Love your post! Thanks heaps :) xxx

  6. Thanks loads for everything Amanda!! I had so much fun! :)


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