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Walking in Heels for a Good Cause

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Okie I lied! There was a Good Cause but there were no heels for me. A minor accident left me with a soar ankle giving me an excuse to wear my pretty green flats. The picture of me doing a "Limp..Drag..Limp..Drag.." routine in heels comes to mind. Could have been quite amusing.

Be it heels or flats, there was a huge turn out for a Charity Walk by The Body Shop and Glam Magazine on Saturday evening to Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People. Did you know that in Malaysia, Tenaganita estimates that 90 children go missing every month. Bet you didn't know that. Well neither did I. A shocking figure! The worst part is Malaysia is not just a destination but also a source and transit point for young people who are trafficked. Seriously what has this country come to? Trafficking of Children, protected wildlife, what next??

A lot of people signed up on the spot after finding out what the walk was about. It was really encouraging!

The Body Shop staff all dolled up and ready to make a difference

The Body Shop MAs


Can you spot Thanuja Ananthan (Miss Malaysia World 2009) and Will Quah?

Around the world, more than 2.5 million people are trafficked every year. Out of this alarming number, 1.2 million are under the age of 18. Globally, this results in USD27 billion in profits which is the third largest sum for international crimes after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. (Source: ECPAT)

This is a global campaign intitiated by The Body Shop more than three years ago and has achieved a milestone this year when more than 10,000 petitions were presented to the government urging them to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights to the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. These signatures were collected in less than three weeks by staff of The Body Shop. My signature is there and I sure hope yours is too.

All funds received through the walk will be channeled to Tenaganita, PS the Children and Nur Salam for their continuous work on child sex trafficking. Funds were collected through registration fees by participants who took part in the walk as well as through the Kick The bag campaign which The Body Shop runs throughout the country. Funds for this campaign are collected through a RM0.50 donation when customers take a bag. Should they refuse one, The Body Shop then donates that sum to the fund.


PS The Children


Everyone plays an important role to curb this serious predicament from getting any worse. Despite the fact that Malaysia has an Anti-Trafficking Act, the specific awareness on the trafficking of children for sexual purposes is still lacking. This sanction will further strengthen laws and will hopefully put a stop to the issue here in Malaysia.

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  1. Lost you during the event!!! Did not have much fun during that evening because don't have many people I know took part (plus lost u..>.<)..
    however, agree that it is for a good cause! and u wear flats!!!!! LOL

  2. i lost you too!!! i wanted to post up pic of us from my camera but we both look sleepy.. lol next time we must get more people to walk with us! ^^


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