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Anna Sui Beach Collection 2011 - Glittering Mermaid Pedicure Kit

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The best part of Summer is when Summer Collections are released. Since we have Summer almost all year round, not taking into account the monsoon season, we can use bright and pretty colours all the time if we wanted to. *smiles*

I for one lurv colours on my nails and Anna Sui Beach Collection 2011 includes the Glittering Mermaid Pedicure Kit that is super pretty!! It comes in two colours Summer Love Jewel Tones a Pinky Red shade and Always Cool Jewel Tones in Aquamarine.

Yeah I know, I'm kinda missing a mermaid tail.. :P

I got mine in Summer Love Jewel Tones and I can't take my eyes off the colour, neither can my friends actually. It's just so girly and fun! The kit comes in a tin container with vibrantly beautiful mermaid illustrations on the outside, two nail colours 5ml each - one a solid colour with pearl effect in Pinky Red and the other a slighty red tinted sheer colour with glitter, leg lotion 50ml and a pair of toe separators.

Step 1: Put on toe separators

Step 2: Apply colour.
The colours leave that Anna Sui signature Tea Rose Scent. Just wait a few minutes for the varnish smell to go off then you get that gorgeous scent that lingers on your nails. It lasts for about 2-3 days or depending on how often you wash your hands. lol.

Perfect colour for summer! The colour is very pigmented and goes on smoothly. You can get away with just applying 1 coat but I applied 2 coats for a more intense finish that can be spotted from a mile away. It dries pretty quick too!

Step 3: Apply glitter.
For added glamour. The glitter compliments the colour really well but it was a bit difficult getting the glitter bits out. I had to apply two coats to get a good glittery coverage with it.


Jazzing up my finger nails too

Done!! Lookin fantastic!!

Step 4: Spray on leg lotion.
To sooth tired legs. This also has Anna Sui's signature Tea Rose scent. Its so calming! *sigh*

Step 5: Sit back, relax and admire your fabulously coloured toes! :)
Preferably by the beach. But by the pool is good too.

The Glittering Mermaid Pedicure Kit is now available at Anna Sui counters for RM168.

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  1. oh!!! This is the glittering on ur nails yesterday! Nice!!

  2. lol! you noticed!! i'm in my glittery phase.. ^^

  3. Nice pics! (Now I know who took them lol)

  4. sshhhh.. thanx isabel! lol!!

  5. What a sweet article n well-executed pictures!

  6. thanx anonymous! pictures look great don't they.. ^^


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