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Lisa Surihani & Yusry KRU Wedding

By 00:21

I expected it to be a celebrity studded affair but it was a nice surprise to see that it was more of a family and friends do. It was a huge do though. With a "French Vintage" theme the backdrop was simple with a stunning bride!

Trying to take photos proved to be a challenge. There were just loads of photographers. But some is better than none. *smiles*

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  1. I'm happy to hear that Yusry got married :). I've never met Yusry before but I met Norman who's a down to earth guy in his office in Melawati when I was about 16 years old hehe. Was crazy about KRU back then.

    All the best to the newly wed ;)

  2. Yeap, all the best to them! Yusry doesn't look like he can bust any moves anymore. lol


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