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Clinique Going High Tech

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Photo courtesy of Clinique Malaysia

Forget the traditional way of getting your skin diagnosed because it has now gone high tech thanks to the ipad. Following the launch of Clinique Service As You Like It at its stand alone store in Pavilion, Clinique continues to innovate with its latest in-store introduction, the Clinique Apple ipad Skincare Diagnostic Tool which is a perfect compliment to the Service As You Like It concept. At present it is available only at Pavilion KL.

This state of the art diagnostic tool allows more pathways in determining skin conditions and processess numerous product combinations to precisely address each consumer's personal skincare needs. At the end of the intuitive analysis, you may choose to print a list of custom fit product recommendations or receive an email with the recommendation, a first for the beauty industry.

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If you have already gone through a skin diagnosis at a Clinique counter, you notice they all start with a list of questions. Well with this new diagnostic tool the diagnostic questionnaire has been doubled, increasing the range of personalisation and now takes into account details such as age, sleep and stress levels as wells as their lifestyle habits as well as their personal skincare concerns with level of details previously unexplored.

Which basically means you can just drop by Clinique at Pavilion, sit yourself down at an available ipad Skin Diagnostic Tool, answer the questionnaire and voila you get a tailored unbiased advice on your personal skincare concern. You get to shop independently at a whole different level. How cool is that. Not that there was anything wrong with having a person doing the diagnosing but this is great for you babes who want to shop on your own terms.

Photo courtesy of Clinique Malaysia
I am yet to try out this intruigingly engaging new gadget from Clinique and despite having  a skin diagnosis done not too long ago I'm curious to give this a go to see what other products I should include in my skincare routine. And to think I went "Ooo fancy!" when I ordered a yoghurt drink via ipad for the first time at my now fave yoghurt outlet. This sounds just as cool!

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