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This Just In - Sparkle Nightshade

By 20:37 ,

Sorry for going on silent mode for the past week or so. One of my cats have been really sick and I can't seem to focus on blogging. His blood test result comes out tomorrow and fingers crossed it's encouraging news. *prays hard*

My day got a bit brighter when I received these Sparkle Nightshade Converse as a long awaited very belated birthday present this morning, one of many, from darr-ling brother. *smiles* I really wanted these ones, the purple sequins are just fab but since the Malaysian stores don't carry it, he brought it back from Melbourne. Completely adore them! Thanks x infinity you!! *big huge hugzz*

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  1. OMG Your shoes are gorgeous! Love the understated dark purple, and the bling which makes it stand out from the crowd! :D

  2. Wah, so bling-bling! p/s, hope your catz get better!

  3. Laura: I would die if I didn't get it. Lol

    Anonymous: Lurving the bling lately! My cat seems to be doing great so far, thanks loads. ^^


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