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Featured in Harian Metro!!

By 15:06

*Flips through the papers* Oh wow!! When I was asked whether this was something I wanted to do I didn't expect a full page feature. I vaguely remember the interview taking place but can't for the life of me recall what I said. I was keeping my fingers crossed I didn't sound a mess.

When I saw the feature I was over the moon. Never seen a photo of me that huge before. Lol!! As for sounding a mess, well the only thing I can say is the article was just ace. Well now you guys know a lil bit more about the strangeness behind Chocolate Cats and thanks loads for reading my blog. ^^ Click here to read article.

Also thanks loads Harian Metro for a brilliant feature!! Made my day. Oh heck, it's one of the coolest things ever. :)

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  1. hi fatin,mind me cus i always read your blog,n i like it.
    1st time i saw u was on cosmopolitans..i read about that true,that you are a lawyer?,u kno..after spm result im goin to study law,thats my plan..,im deadly want to be a prosecutor.

    you are my idol.sorry being so childish.but i meant it.hope to meet u one day
    -iman riaz-

  2. iman: thanx so much for reading my blog, appreciate it. :) good luck with your results and may your dreams of becoming a prosecutor come true. Just work hard and have loads of fun in between.

    and if you do bump into me, just come over and say hi. ^^

  3. wow! huge page about you!!! congratz!

  4. jean: huge face too! Lol!! thanx jean! ^^

  5. Just read this - so glad you have been featured. Hope more people know what a fantastic blogger you are.

  6. Thanx loads Corrine!! Appreciate it much. This just pushes me to work even harder. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<