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Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

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It's one of those products I have had for quite some time now but never really gotten around to doing a review because I have never been sure whether I would grow to like it.. or just not like it at all. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free is for oily skin types and is meant to have oil control properties. I have tried pairing this oil free primer with various foundation except for Laura Mercier foundation due to colour match issues, but nothing seems to work so far.

This oil-free primer contains the antioxidants green tea extracts, vitamins A, C and E, and cucumber that helps soothe and refresh the skin. It also contains high water-content and addresses surface dehydration and around active blemishes.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free has a light cream texture that creates a thin barrier, with a bit of silicone-y feel. It smoothes out the complexion and liquid foundations seem to blend out very easily. After finishing my base, it always seem to appear a bit white. Although this does happen with some primers, the white effect does go away after an hour or so but with this Laura Mercier one, my face seems to stay white, and I don't even mean bright, the entire day. Which also means it alters the shade of any foundation I wear with it. So I find myself having to apply a bronzer to bring back some colour to my face which I don't mind but not exactly what I look for in a primer.

That said, makeup does seem to stay put for a good 6 hours. No sliding off but requires blotting as it only helps control so much oil. The question now is, do I like it? I might consider slapping it on if I'll be running around the whole day but can't say I'm a fan of it.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free retails at RM135 (50ml) and is available at Laura Mercier and Sephora outlets.

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