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Happy New & Lucky Bags!

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Happy New Year!
Wishing You Guys An Amazing Year Ahead!

What a way to start the New Year 01/01/10! I found myself in front of Parkson KLCC with shutters still down at 9.45am with Miu. Noticed that  a crowd was growing at the Isetan Concourse entrance. Still contemplating whether I should get the Isetan Lucky Bags. I figured I'd redeem the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance sample first since that doesn't require me spending any money. Lucky for us Parkson opened the shutters at 9.55am. There I was walking swiftly behind Miu. Got our samples and quickly walked over to Isetan.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Samples

There we were Miu, Kit with beautiful daughter Sofiah (*sorry ar, my hearing a bit something wrong*) & me in front of Isetan Ground Floor entrance. Strange that people were waiting at the floor below and there were only a few of us at G. Not complaining just puzzled. 10 sharp the shutters started to retract & Miu rolled up her jeans ready to leg it. Not even half way up we went down the shutters and RAN towards the escalators. I noticed the SAs at the cosmetic counters found it all too funny. That was the first time I've ran into Isetan shutters half up. Had I known I would've have worn trainers! Lol!

Miu was the 1st at the skincare & cosmetics table, me 2nd & Kitty right behind me. It was nuts! After that the line just got longer. In Miu's words "Grab the bill first decided whether you want it after". Good advice. ;p I succumbed to the excitement and got myself a Lucky Bag! It was worth it.

After the mad rush and dozens of lucky bags later, Miu, SexyMummy, Pigita & I went for a drink to check out the bags. I was missing a pair of earrings from Denni but I didn't really need it anyway. Since you can't really pick & choose whats in the lucky bag it's really just your luck what you get. Here's what I got in mine.

The Elle bag is worth RM229 with the tag still on.
Guess purse must be quite pricey too.
Gonna check out the price next week. ;p

Bits of everything.

Shoe vouchers for a bunch of shoes that I don't buy.
Oh well..

After our rest sesh you'd think that was it. Nooo! We ended up in Isetan again, with Pigita & Miu buying more lucky bags. Shopoholics.. you just can't stop them ;).

I had to leave by 3. Yes, 3pm! I was there for 5 hours 15 mins. The best part is I've been going to KLCC everyday this week. Again, nuts! I know..

Til next year's lucky bags.. Trainers on!

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  1. and Miu really got crazy!!!

  2. you have to come down for next year's lucky bags then we can all go crazy.. ;)

  3. fatin!!!!

    didn't you hear me call my DAUGHTER by her name?

    "Come on, SOFIAH let's runnnnn!!!"


    edit post ni... edit pls! tak pasal2 a very cute girl (see pics of her kat my post abt Miu's bday party) jadik SON.

    next year kita lari lagi okeh???

  4. very very sorry kit.. *i'm ashamed of myself* my hearing something wrong.. i edit the post already..

    big hug for sofiah.. :)


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