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Uniqlo KLCC - Pre-Opening Party

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Yes, it's finally Open!! Thanks to Tammy I was there for the media launch. And if it weren't for her, there would be no Utt and I! Okie that's just me being dillusional but I got to snap a photo with VJ Utt who was the MC for the evening. *I squealed, screeched and melted*

 ♥ With VJ Utt *heart a flutter*  ♥

Haze, Camie, Me & Tammy


Back to what I'm suppose to be telling you guys.. Uniqlo's second store in Malaysia opened yesterday at KLCC with the nation's heroes showcasing UNIQLO's Spring Summer 2011 Collection.

Alex Yoong

Deborah Henry

Dennis Lau

Yasmin Hani

Josiah Ng

Angie Ng

Noh (Hujan)


The very thing we lurv about UNIQLO are their promotions especially at an opening. Remember the never ending queue that went on for days for the great buys at the Fahrenheit 88 flagship store. Mental that one was!

My thoughts on the Cath Kidston T's - I'm a huge Cath Kidston fan! Though I was disappointed when I saw the Cath Kidston T's in store yesterday. I remember browsing through the Cath Kidston store in London and the prints that were on the clothes there looked gorgeous, it popped and stood out beautifully. The prints on the T's at the Uniqlo store just didn't have the same effect. :(

The store opened on 6 May 2011 at 10.00am will bring with it unbelievably low introductory prices for selected UNIQLO fave items such as:
1) UNIQLO Women's Slub Scoop Neck T (3/4) for only RM24.90 (usual price - RM59.90)
2) UNIQLO Women's Leggings (5 inch) for only RM17.90 (usual price - RM39.90)
3) UNIQOL Women's Boyfriends Jeans for only RM99.90 (usual price - RM169.90)
4) UNIQLO Women's Cropped Tapered Trousers for only RM49.90 (usual price - RM99.90)
5) UNIQLO Men's Chino Cropped Pants for only RM79.90 (usual price - RM129.90)
6) UNIQLO Men's Premium Cotton Rib V Neck T for only RM12.90 (usual price - RM24.90)
7) UNIQLO Men's Design T Shirts for only RM24.90 (usual price - RM39.90)
8) UNIQLO Men's Color Socks - 4 pairs for only RM24.90 (usual price - RM39.90)
9) UNIQLO Men's Sandals for only RM24.90 (usual price - RM49.90)

Store opening promotions include:
A FREE Original Tote Bag for the first 500 customers at the store on 6 May 2011

A Limited Edition One Piece Tumbler for every spend of RM200 in a single receipt

An original Cath Kidston Japanese fan for EVERY item purchased under the Cath Kidston Charity Project!

*All whilst stocks last.

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  1. i couldn't recognize him but u did!! n u were looking like a school girl in love!!! beaming away!!!! utt n u = photo!!! JELES MAX!!!

  2. i remembered watching him since he started with mtv.. he was cute then and even cuter now!! i was like a giddy school girl taking photo with him! melted like crazy, i didn't even know what to say to him!! hahaha


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