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Topshop Dress Up Preview Party

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Thanks loads to Ming, resident Topshop Blogger for the invite for Topshops' Dress Up Preview Party. I have been looking forward to this collection, since I saw the promo poster. The dresses are super pretty! Plus I'm lurving everything glitter and bling at the moment. It's runway pieces brought to you at a more affordable price.

Cake Pops are so in now!!
These ones are by Crystal.

With Ming @ Vintage Noise

With Joyce @ Kinkybluefairy
Also a Topshop blogger

With Melissa Indot - spinning for the evening

The dresses range from simple pieces to heavily bling-ed ones. The more beading and details it has the price goes up. So you can find pieces from RM200+ right up to RM700+! Although the current selection on fills up about 3 racks, there will be more coming.

Dress up is about accessorising and being personal with your look. That leather jacket, a hat, gloves, a vest top under a strapless dress, it works! And to complete the look, loads of mascara! It's You Meet Sexy!

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Dresses!! ~

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  1. I like Fatin in pretty dresses!!!
    me like dress too but hardly have chance to wear.. not convenient.. >.<


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