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What makes me smile.. Desserts!!

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I'm easy.. now that didn't come out right. It really is very easy to make me smile. I don't ask for much, not the sun, not the moon, though a gorgeous bag would be a bonus! That aside, a heavenly "fit for the Gods" drool worthy DESSERT is all I need to make me smile *like a right nutter*. :) That and round eyed kittens. *irresistable*

And for breakfast at 9am, I had.. *drooling as I type*

Growing up in a family who always had a penchant for chocolates and desserts and consider tea as part of an important event of the day, it was impossible to run away from. Having an aunt who bakes wonders and being exposed to the finest desserts around has no doubt fueled my passion for it. My best dessert memories would either be in my aunt's kitchen, living in England or travelling Europe. "Dessert Central" for all that's gorgeous, amazing and everything to die for.

My aunt's Lemon Meringue Pie. Nothing like homemade! Read post here. :)

Profiterole *sigh*
Photo Credit: Patisserie Valerie

I've had a lot of people ask me, "Where do I get good desserts in KL?". I always end up pausing for a few seconds because I really don't know how to reply. I'm dying to say, "No Where!". Lol!! My mates keep telling me my standards are ridiculously too high and that I should bring it down a few notches. Well.. what can I say, my palate has been spoilt by all things divine. Dessert snob! *cackles*

Ingredients really makes a world of difference. Sure you can get imported products here but by the time they get here, the prices would have gone through the roof! Besides how can you substitute fresh milk from those healthy cows grazing at the green slopes of Switzerland. Yes there is a difference between fresh milk in England and fresh milk in Switzerland. All hail Swiss milk!! Butter may not be such a huge issue though, as President and Lurpak (My all time fave!!) is widely available here. Then there's the eggs, yeap difference there too. Plus the type and quality of chocolate used for that chocolate dessert can't be replaced with anything less than good. Basic ingredients are really important, if they are not of a good standard and quality, your "perfect dessert" goes down the tubes! *waves* Technique is a different story all together. I think that justifies the, "No where!" answer wouldn't you say. Or perhaps the question should be, "'Where can I get eadible desserts in KL?". Lol!

Swiss Cows lookin great..
Photo Credit: Jaybee Stock

I should post my write up on yummy places I ate at on my trip back to Bristol and London real soon. Long over due really, went wild, gained a few pounds, came back a happier me. Stay tuned for that.. :)

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