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Hilton Kuala Lumpur's New Website

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Now that's a new website you have to click on! Recently launched, it has everything you want to know about Hilton Kuala Lumpur from latest news on its food and beverage promotions, culinary activities, exclusive hotel functions, behind-the-scenes scoop on special events, celebrity sightings (ooooo.... this I want to know!), interviews with guests' chef and more.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur invited a group of bloggers consisting of food, lifestyle and beauty bloggers to celebrate the momentous occasion with them with a taste of what awaits you when you visit them. I must thank Tammy for inviting me to the launch!

This is what happens when you have Terry Ong from RedFM as the MC - An Evening of Non-stop FUN!
*wondering what I have in the envelope aren't you.. wink wink*

Chefs & Bloggers
Babes plus 1 guy  were suppose to get an egg up one pant leg and down the other, it was a laugh to watch!!

"Hit the bottle with the balls" Game!
Another winner!

Wing getting a little help from the Executive Chef with the answers..

But really the first thing we want to know is everything food right. Apart from the tantalising images of cuisine that will surely make your mouth water, it also has dedicated web pages on Hilton Kuala Lumpur's signature restaurants and bars, with full details of menus, opening hours, promotion and you can even make reservations.

The site is really interactive and dynamic as you can get updates on latest promotions and events. There might also be a behind-the-scene interview with a Michelin star guest chef to enable  you to get an intimate perspective of his or her food philosophy and cuisine.

Keeping up to date with the social network culture, they can be found on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for quick and hassle free updates.

You can find out just about anything that is going on including hotel's events and meeting capabilities, wedding service, spa and gym facilities complete with details like function room specifications, layouts, capacity, packages and menus. This makes it a useful online tool for event planners, wedding couples and even fitness enthusiasts in search of a hotel property that meets their event or lifestyle leisure needs.

It is amazingly visitor friendly that it almost eliminates the need to interact with a staff making it more convenient for guests and travellers to browse and seek information at their own time and pace. That's what everyone prefers nowadays right. ;)

Here's an even more exciting news for you, to celebrate the launch of its new website, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is giving away, RM5,000 worth of fantastic prizes. This includes a complimentary stay in the hotel's Grand Executive Suite and Deluxe Rooms, exclusive treatments at its high end spa and dining vouchers at some of its signature restaurants.

Just click on now and answer eight simple questions, complete a slogan and You could be one of the lucky winners!! Contest is from 25 April 2011 - 31 May 2011. They are just super generous and eager to please you, so don't miss out on this great oppurtunity!

Photo credit: Camie
Hilton KL at your finger tips!
You might look like this while trying to answer the questions. Or maybe it was just me.. lol! I had to answer about 10 questions in 5 minutes. Despite the fact I was stressing, I could find each answer within seconds.

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  1. I wanna join! I wanna join!! Crap, there is the dreaded slogan....

  2. anonymous: just come up with something, try your luck! you'll never know.. ;)

  3. Thanks for coming Fatin :)


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