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Benson Chen @ The Twelve

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If there's one thing that most women have in common is their undying fetish for shoes. I have a mate who has over 130 pairs and counting, she plans to open a shoe museum one day. Where as I am slowly building my collection. Very slowly. So when MIFA Malaysia included Benson Chen in the line up of The Twelve, I was intrigued. Here's a name I haven't heard off before and yet the shoes are beautiful!

The Masquerade Madness themed party by MIFA Malaysia yesterday was to unveil Benson's Summer Shoes Collection 2011. Guests dressed to impressed with gorgeous masks that reflect their personality. Some were outlandish but really made a statement.

The young & talented Benson Chen

Yes, I have a thing for tulle skirts at the moment.. :)

Koffee With Kem Corner
A paparazzi moment with Kem Salleh, for mifaTV.

Kem having a chat with Lisa Wong, a prominent female presenter on ESPN STAR SPORTS, who was the host for the evening

Fatin @ Chocolate Catsz in the hot seat!!
I think I was looking too much like a Cheshire Cat grinning all the way.. lol!
Photo credit: Mifa Malaysia

Amber Chia - A huge Benson Chen fan!

Getting to know Benson

Live Painting Demo

The Artists Gael Froget & Yen Yi
You can check out Gael's work @ The Twelve

Now this 19 year old is a protege of non other than the man himself, Jimmy Choo! I know right, how amazing is that. Benson designed his first shoe at the tender age of 17 by accident! He has won several awards since then - "The Most Creative Design" in the Malaysia Footwear Competition 2010 as well as the second runner up for the category of "Ladies Boots Design" in the International Footwear Competition 2010. Fueled by talent and passion, Benson is just getting started as his cult following continues to grow!

An outfit fitting for a Masquerade Ball!

I personally like this pair.. its gotta to be the studs!

I thought the collection was young and fresh with a vibrant choice of colours. Lurv the use of prints, Swarovski crystals and studs. Lurv studs!! With names like Rhea and Daria, you can find pumps, peep toes, sling backs, that strappy pair and the much lurved ballet flats, all blinged up and ready to make you look like a star. Though Benson personally feels a woman looks best in no less than 5 inch heels!! A small sacrifice to be made for a walking indulgence!

The Showcase
I would have expected female models, but this was a wonderful change! Hawtt male models went around showcasing the shoes. I wasn't sure which one to look at, the shoes or the guys! Lol!

Benson Chen shoes range from RM120 - RM300. Drop by The Twelve @ Fahrenheit 88 to check out the rest of his collection and since you're there pick your fave and try it on. You better get them before Benson goes international, by then the price would be beyond our reach. *winks*

Random Me

With Nadia, Shirley and the other Froget :P

With Sariah

With Carmen & Mei Mei

With Cheryll who has a super fetish for shoes, just check out the ones she has on..

Joe, the cute guy that came with Cheryll ;)

The Babes @ The Twelve

After almost everyone had left I realised I hadn't eaten since the party started, whats there left to do but go for supper..

Lurv those custard buns!! Gooey & super yumiee!

Follow Benson Chen on facebook for latest news and updates.
More photos here.

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  1. Shoes, and more shoes! Looks like an eventful affair, wish I was there!

    p/s: ur mate with over 130 pairs of shoes...that's crazy!

  2. OMG, I tried those yummy gooey custard buns before! They are to die for!!

  3. anonymous: His shoes are amazing! It's never too late to check it out at The Twelve! :) And yeah she's definitely a shoe phreak!

  4. andrew: wondered where you've been.. those custard buns are worth the calories.. *sigh*

  5. hmm...yummy, yummy custard buns :)
    hv a wonderful weekend!

  6. they definitely are yummy! you have a great weekend too! :)

  7. love those shoes..the minute i slipped my feet on it, oh so comfortable..almost unbelievable even with those high heels.i'm goin to get one of his collection today..hehehe

  8. =D I bought the pair you said were your fave with the voucher I won from the Twelve, looks like we have the same taste girl! ;p
    Great post, too bad I never made it to the event.. =( And I'm so jealous of your 130-pairs-of-shoes friend!! =)

  9. devi: i know right, they fit real well.. congrats on your win & hope you get the pair you want! :)

  10. calista: congrats on your win, good slogan! we have great taste don't we! *high five* yeah i'm jealous of her too.. lol


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