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Of Pearls, Green Eyes and Tea

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I didn't start off my Saturday with green eyes though that happened some time midday. I was having one of those, "What in the world have I gotten myself into" moments on a humid Saturday morning. It has something to do with writing and a bunch of treats. Too late to get myself out of it, so I decided to look through my photo albums to see if something sparks.

It made me hungry but no sparks..

Even hungrier.. *growwll*

I was at The Twelve, Fahrenheit 88 for showcase by Shinju Pearls by about 3pm. The "Under the Sea" theme showcased beautiful pieces that can dress up any outfit. I'm not really a ring person, but there was one piece that I was so attracted to. It was a frog with a single pearl set into it. Prettieee!! (Full post soon)

The Pearly Froggie I lurv!!

At the Sasha Rowena corner

Oh wait, I didn't tell you about my green eyes. I have a shiny new toy that I am absolutely lurving at the moment, my Magic Colour Lenses in Diamond Green. My mates say it's too phreakish to look at my eyes. Tiny eyes + Green 16mm lense = Phreakish! Regardless, I think it's cool!! (Full post soon)

After a bit of window shopping and lusting after a bunch of things I want to buy but can't since I'm that close to blowing my budget for this month, I stopped by for tea at Din Tai Fung.

Sesame Dumpling in Soya Bean - RM7

Thousand Layer Cake (S/L) - RM3.80/7.00

By the time I got home and wanted to continue what I started in the morning, I was just too lazy. Maybe toworrow.. it HAS to be tomorrow!! The deadline is in 2 days!! Cripes!

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