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Lunch with a Tough Chick

By 20:56

I met up with a mate of mine for lunch today. She's back for a 2 week break from Bristol and has some what calmed down from the panic attack she had last week. I've been trying to convince her life in KL isn't all that bad. Well, it's just not too good! Lol!! If you aren't the type that constantly craves for mouth watering desserts (that's impossible to get here) all the time, then yeah it's not too bad. :(

We settled on Delicious for lunch and treated ourselves to G'Day Iced Coffee and Death by Iced Chocolate since she insists on sitting outside to soak in the sun since it's still chilly back in England. Mid May and it's still chilly?? The weather has seriously gone bonkers! 

Me & Oni soaking in the sun!

With her G'Day Iced Coffee

With my Death By Iced Chocolate

Now here's where the "tough chick comes in". We decided to share a Grilled Balinese Chicken which took forever to get to us. We made the usual "Are they catching the chicken?" comment. As we tucked into lunch, we realised, they may have did just that. The chicken tasted like its been running miles before it got into the pot!! I have never "met" a chicken piece with such tough meat. Rating for tenderness: Zero!

Run Clucky Run!

But we didn't pay much attention to it though, we were too busy catching up and planning for our next European Adventure filled with drool worthy desserts, good food and hawtt guys!

Managed to check out the Pirates of the Carribean Launch set up at Mid Valley Center Court before it was time to leave. Quite impressive!

I'm getting quite good at this, managed to get bits of the ship in the back.. lol!

Convincingly looked like a 'marooned on a deserted island' background minus us smiling.. :P

More planning tonight and patiently waiting for my stuffs from Oni!! *big huge smilesz*

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