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MagicColour Lens - My Shiny New Toy!

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I was a bit surprised when  got an invite from Tammy for a coloured contacts Bloggers Party/Review by MagicColour Lens. I have never wore contacts ever, what more coloured ones. What can I say, I'm not very experimental when it comes to contacts. So I figured, great time to give it a go, always wondered how I'd look like with green eyes. Now, I have a shiny new toy!!

Photo credit: StellarVixen
I'm wearing Diamond Green! Lurving it to bits!!

It was a girly session filled with popcorn, cupcakes, chocolate and cookies at Delectable Su, The Gardens.

As we were asked to choose our colours before the date, I was excited to see how mine would look like. Hey.. they looked phreakishly cool! Since I was the only newbie around naturally I asked the girls the best way to put them on. Some said it was going to be quite difficult and might take me a while. I was like, seriously.. I might actually spend a long time at the loo trying to put them on.

I got a great tip from Traclyn who noticed I have long lashes, she said to try gently pushing up my lashes together with my upper lid and opening the bottom bit of my eye slightly. First attempt: Ooops! Where did it go?! lol! Second attempt: It's in! It's in! Didn't have much trouble with the eye either. Done in 15 minutes! Not bad for a newbie hey! *winks* I found it quite easy and comfortable to wear considering it was my first time.

Diamond Green

Phreakishly cool!!

The Other Colours I Got
Going to get purple ones soon. Can't wait to try the grey ones though!

Dazzle Grey

Snow Chestnut

Aileen from MagicColour Lens also got stylists to do hair and makeup for us to make sure we looked good in photos. The girls took turns. While waiting for mine I happily munched on popcorn and eventually stopped coz I started to feel sick. Yeah it was that much! After everyone was done, camwhore!!!

With my yet another Sucker Punch inspired outfit

Traclyn, Isabel, Alicia, Dalina, Shazwani

With Tammy

With Elle & Stellar

With Haze

Must know about MagicColour Lens:
  • 16.00mm diameter
  • 55% water content
  • Blister packaging for ultimate hygiene
  • Manufactured in Korea with Diamond -Cutting technology
  • 11 collection to choose from
  • Price: RM40 per pair
Check out the amazing selection at now!

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